Tuesday, 12 February 2013

2012 Round up Part II

And here come the stats...!
(all % are to the nearest %)

Total Books Read: 86
Number of New Reads: 46
Number of Re-Reads: 40
(% RR: 46.5)

Breakdown by Month

Most books read in a month : January (17)
(% RR : 94%  - 16/17)

Least Books read in a month: April (1)
(% RR: 0%)

Months in order of books read:

January = 17
February = 14
September = 12
June/ July = 8
October/ November = 6
August = 5
March = 4
May = 3
December = 2
April = 1

Months in order of New Books read:

February = 14
November = 6
July/ September = 5
March / June / October = 3
August / December = 2
January / April / May = 1

Highest % of New Books read: February, April, November, December (100%)
Lowest % of New Books read: January (6%)

Months in order of % new books read:

February, April, November, December = 100%
March = 75%
July = 62.5 %
October = 50%
September = 42%
August = 40%
June = 37.5%
May = 33%
Jaunary = 6%

Average (mean) books per month: 7
Average (mean) New books per month: 4

Breakdown By Genre

Number of Novels: 56           (35 N, 21 RR)
(% Total : 65%)       (% Total New : 76%)

Number of Graphic novels/comics : 9        (2 N, 7 RR)
(% Total : 10%)       (% Total New : 4%)

Number of Non-Fiction: 17     (6 N, 11 RR)
(% Total : 20%)       (% Total New : 13%)

Number of Short Story Collections: 4         (3 N, 1 RR)
(% Total : 5%)         (% Total New : 7%)

Breakdown by Author

Number of books read by author (of which are re-reads)

Multi authored books

Birds of Prey 1
Wonder Woman 1
(A Starfarer's Dozen)

Single Authored Books

Tamora Pierce - 27 (16)
Gerald Durrell - 7 (5)
Rich Berlew - 7 (7)
Maureen Lipman - 6 (6)
Tanya Huff - 5
Agatha Christie - 5 (3)
Phillipa Gregory - 4
Suzanne Collins - 3
Kalayna Price - 2
Terry Pratchett - 2
Bernard Cornwell - 2
George RR Martin - 2

And all with one book each:

Douglas Adams, (Amanda Brown), (Frances Brown), Jen Campbell, Gail Carriger, Jasper Fforde, Frances Hardinge, Anthony Horowitz, George Mann, Ben Miller and Ros Wiseman.

Ok, so the interesting thing is how those stats compare to last year.
Overall, I read one less book (87 vs 86), but my percentage of new reads was higher (52% vs 53.5%) Though the stats are very, very similar. My averages, both in books per month and new books per month are exactly the same.

So bets!
Will 2013 break the pattern? How will it if it does? What month will see me reading more? less? Which author(s) will I binge on? (Tanya Huff is looking to be a favourite...) Will I ever get round to updating the reviews here?

Who knows!

Watch this space...

2012 round up part I

So it's now February 2013... and instead of pointing out how abysmally I've done with the reviews, I'm going to go with the 2012 round up, and catch up when things are a bit more sensible.

So, without further ado...
(re-reads in italics)


Song of the Lioness Quartet
Immortals Quartet
Protector of the Small Quartet
Trickster's Choice
Trickster's Queen


The Magic in the Weaving
The Power in the Strom
The Fire in the Forging
The Healing in the Vine
Magic Steps
Street Magic
Cold Fire
The Affinity Bridge
The Enchantment Emporium
Grave Witch
The Lady of the Rivers
Melting Stones
The Will of the Empress


Grave Dance
The Wild Ways
Summon the Keeper
Snips Snails and Dragon Tails


Second Summoning


Long Hot Summoning
Three Singles to Adventure
The Bafut Beagles


A Zoo in my Luggage
Menagerie Mannor
Legally Blonde
How Was it for You?
Wierd things Customers Say in Bookshops
Something to Fall Back On
Alice Hartley's Happiness
Queen Bees and Wannabes


Thank You for Having Me
Bread and Chocolate
Catch me a Colobus
Last Chance to See
Two in the Bush
The Drunken Forest
The Death of Oracle
When's it Coming Out


You Can Read Me Like A Book
The Kingmaker's Daughter
The Woman Who Died A Lot
On the Origin of PCs


Wonder Woman: Blood, volume 1
Dungeon Crawling Fools
No Cure for the Paladin Blues
War and XPs
Don't Split the Party
Start of Darkness
Miss Marple's Final Cases
A Crowning Mercy
It's Not Rocket Science
At Bertram's Hotel
The Hollow
Halloween Party


Elephants Can Remember
Dancing on the Rainbow
A Starfarer's Dozen
A Blink of the Screen
A Dance With Dragons I


The Hunger Games
Catching Fire
A Dance With Dragons II
The House of Silk


Twilight Robbery
The Winter King